Pictures By Bill Wellman, Ted Kodish      ALBUMS   and Bill Simpson

Adv. Microwave ClassL-R standing K. Fawcett, Inst. Carlino,R.Olephent,K.Kryczamnich, R.Jones Kneeling Alexander,B. Pugsley,W.Wellman Forg S.Stencavage

Falcon 5/ Det 31

280mm Atom Annie Guarding Falcon 5

L-R Humphries,Local man and Bill Simpson

Belgian 155mm Artillery. Outside fence, Falcon 5

Bill Wellman

Bill Wellman

Wellman and Billy Dunn

Bill Wellman

Blast Damadge From Belgain 155mm fireing

014Dunn, Wellman and Russ Aspin

015 Lyons Boone White and Willie Cochran

016 Maj. Glenn Turner

017 Microwave antenna

018 Wellman, Cecil Hallett and Jonny Ward

019 Good Home Cooking Falcon 5



022 View from the above

027 Ted Kodish- Multitasking.

023 It Started Yesterday

024 Ellis, J B Smith and Tex Crittenden

025 Ted Kodish Dunn and Wellman

026 Ted Kodish

028 Dunn and Ted Kodish puting a new spin on Tabel Tennis

029 View from the top

030 Expansion

O31 Falcon5/Det31

032 From the Top 2

033 Lyons, Fields, Dunn and Aspin

34 Riegal ?

35 "Strech" Ellis, Bill Wellman and Dunn

36 B Wellman,Lyons, David Bergman,Palmer Layton and Simpson

37 Kodish, B. wellman,army visitor, Aspin and Dunn

38 Gene Fields takes a rest between meals

39 Dunn, Fields and Riegal

40 Football

41 Painters

42 more Football

43 and More Football

44 Dining at det 31

45 Ilse and Bill Wellman

46 Maj. Bill wellman

47 Elfriede and Albert Billips Wedding Day

48 Det 31 under mock NATO attack exercise

49 More attacks

51 150 ft tower under construction

54 Bill Simpson Det 31

56 Ed Lyons & Ken Fawcette

57 Riegle in Bill's 46 Merq

61 Kindsbach Falcon Control

62 Kindsbach Falcon Control

63 Kindsbach Falcon Control

64 kindsbach Falcon Control

67 kindsbach Falcon Control