Photos by Ken Rose                            PHOTO GALLERY 5                  Det 51 photos by Gabe Estrada

          Det. 61 Cheniers France                             ALBUMS

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Entrance Det. 61

Radio Shack

L-Power Shack R Dinning Hall

Motor Pool

AN/TRC 1 Antenna

Water Tower

Home Sweet Home

1st Cook Bart

2nd Cook Harold Gulley

Top around L-R Jimmie Davis, Bart , Bob Kane, Gulley, Less Aravesand Dan ellerson in bunk

back John Hemphil R- Ken Rose L- Jimmie Davis


Clint, Henry, Tom, Bruno Steve and Gabe Estrada in fatigues

Christmas table 1952

L-R Spike,Henry, Eddy, Clint and Company

Christmas 1952

Larry,Spike, Henry, Eddy, Clint,Yo-Yo & Gabe Estrada

Gabe Estrada & D Jango

? Taken at Cheurmont France 1953

? Taken at Grand France 1953

Chamont 53-54

Jackson 52-54

John Hazzard 52

Pappy Davis, Wife & Serey

Serey,Wolfe,Gene Ashley and Murry

Shannon Rexford, Chamont 54

Chanont 1 ?

Chanont 2 ?

Chamont 3 ?

Chamont 4 ?