Pictures Provided by John S Allred      PHOTO GALLERY 4     from the John S Allred  and John Halton Archives

               Early years: Co. D 926 Sig. Bn. - 926 S.O.O.C. and 1st Radio Relay Sqdn.1948 -1951


Manteuffel Kaserne

EM Mess-Kaserne

Wheel House NCO Club & Mess

Flaxman, Lt Bundy & Allred

Banks,Lt. Friedmen,Flaxman,Capt. Bigelow&Lt.Bundy

The Ludwigsturm

12th TAC Hqs.Area

Bridge over River Salle

Kurhaus Monument

Leo Yuravich & John Halton

John S Allred

1st Sgt. Dom V Forte 1948-195?

Halton's Boar

Camp Pieri

Dannenfels Operations

Cole, Yuravich and Holland (seated)

Bradshaw and Heflin (standing)


602nd.TCS and 1st Radio

John Halton-New Radio Van Sept.50

L-R Johnson, Kelly, Newman

Site Meeting, Mudlark8

Sandor on Boar hunt.

O'Neil in front of Con-Air Casino


Worley- Red O'Neil & Carol Dobbs

Maj. Dobbs Daughter

Allred with Alsatian (Blackie)

Wilhelmstrasse- Wiesbaden

Water Crossing-Waltering and Johnson

Ruffo and Inst. Flaxman & Halton on pole

Site Meeting-Falcon 3- 1951

Marienberg Castle - Wurzberg

Construction began c. 1201

Sgt. Jacobs and friend

Camp Pieri entrance

Flaxman, Heflin, Jacobs and Iacovone in Denmark

J Allred Mobile Repair

John and Victorian P. Chanove


Sandor&Heflin-Camp Pieri

Livinghouse&his boar

Tower on Donnersberg Mtn.

S/Sgt Allred & quarry 1948