FALCON 14 / DET.33/ DET. 12

                     Pictures by W. Reep 50-52, H. Payne 50-52, H. Sachs 54-58, and R. Micaelis 56-57                                                                            


Assembled Equipment Camp Pieri 1951

First Trip after road cleared

Bob Loncoy on Bulldozer Falcon 14 1951

Bill Reep on Bulldozer Falcon 14 1951

Put the Radio Van right here! Falcon 14 1951

Radio Van in place Falcon 14 1951

Blackford Trouble

Power Units 1951

Bill reep and Otis (Tom) Keith

Spring 1952

Harlen Payne

Stump removal

Winter 52/53 Falcon 14

Winter 52/53

Winter 52/53

Winter Falcon 14

Winter Falcon 14

Stuck Again

Winter Falcon 14

Winter Falcon 14

Falcon 14 1954

Falcon 14 9-54

Falcon14 Motor pool

AN/TRC1 Antenna

Microwave Antenna

From The Top Down

Dick Langman 54

Gene Lato 55

Roy Caldwell

Glenn Green

Site Chief Det 33 Fall 56 Spring 57

H C Sachs

Bob Kilroy (bg) Gill Anderson

Bob Markum

Cladwell, Engle and Markum

Caldwell, Sachs, Markum

Dick Langman

Gene Lupo

Gill Anderson and Harold Engle

H C Sachs


Unknown ?

Lets figure this out

Power Shed



Microwave Van 1956

Microwave Van 2 1956

Under Construction Spring 1956

Construction 1956

More Construction 1956

Negotiating with AIO Birkenfeld

AIO Birkenfeld

AIO at work

L-R Rich Michaelis, Lou Sims, Estrada and Ron Gibbons

Muhl Zusch 1959 Det12 (Falcon 14, Det 33)

Microwave tower 1959

Microwave vans 19159

Wide screen

Paul Wisterlein

Charlie Bridgwater and Conway

Dave McAlister

Librations Det12 1959

New Building- sure beats a tent

Frank Neilson

Water Wagon 1959

Up Tower 1959

Microwave Vans 1959

Motor Pool

Yoshio Nishimori 1959

The same spot as Falcon 14 in Aug. 2002

A bigger one then we had

The sign reads:


86 C.G.