1st Radio Relay




June 8th. 2015, Greetings to each of you and your loved ones. AGAIN, I have dragged my feet on getting a letter out. I am sorry about that. However, I have had to become more in the the health care of my wife,Faye. We now have contracted for am. Care and pm. Care. In between I am the care giver. No complaints but it is wearing me down. I know several of you are going along those lines and it takes it,s toll. Anyway enough of that and progress on. I few items of intrest to everyone. In no particular order, I got word from William Housler (51-54) that he had passed away a few weeks ago. I did not know him directly or know what site he was at, having only talked to him in late life. Rest in peace good buddy.I have 2 new names to add to our list, and again I am slow doing that. Sorry, about that. The first is Charles Lugan, 2900 William Road, San Jose, Calif. # 95128, ( 56-58 ). His phone number is # 408-249-4413. The other troop is Jerry Bolton,at 707 Pultizer Ln. Allen, Tx, # 75002 ( 60-63) his telephone # is 214-729-1944. I also have a telephone number for Phil Coker, and that is # 719-216-4524. I have sent these changes to be incorparated in our mailing list. If anyone would like a copy of our complete mailing list, PLEASE get in touch with me at my email address at: Bristol boy@comcast.net or call me at # 410-861-5037. There is no cost to anyone. On another matter for those whom have German wifes I will enclude an address for a company that I get a weekly German magizine for her. The company offers nearly 100  publications at a GREAT weekly deduction. Their name is G>L>P International , A Division of German Language Publications,Inc. 153 S. Dean Street, Englewood,N.J. 07631-3513. Faye gets the Neue Post every week. I use to buy it at a German Deli but it was really costlt, where now we have saved over 50% per week.. AGAIN, Faye and I have been so lucky to know so many wonderful people. I thank each of you for letting come into your homes. AGAIN, the best to each of you and your families. God Bless each of you, and God preserve this great nation. Again, its nice to know so many nice people. Faye and John Seifert,1st. Radio (51-54) and (56-60)……….